Grand Pavois 2019, La Rochelle boat show

Grand Pavois 2019, La Rochelle boat show

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The largest boat show in France

The TOP 5 of the international floating boat shows

This year 2019 marks the start of a new edition of the Salon du Grand Pavois, a flagship event in La Rochelle since 1973, a real must for lovers of sailing!

For this 47th edition, Le Grand Pavois is set up for six days of exhibition, from Wednesday 18 September to Monday 23 September 2019 from 10am to 7pm, for discover more than 800 international brands and as many boats exposed over 100,000 m2 of exhibition space. Le Grand Pavois is also about hundreds of new products and 80,000 visitors expected.

This next Grand-Pavois de La Rochelle continues to highlight heritage boats, both onshore and afloat, and to promote certain initiatives that combine tradition and the development of the nautical sector.

This year again, the show will offer several thematic areas:
- the Beach (Village Glisse et Voile Légère): light sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, wakeboard, stand up paddle... it's more than 1500 tests, baptisms and demonstrations that will be carried out on the exhibition grounds and on the Minimes beach.

- the Fishing & Grand Pavois Fishing area : demonstration basin, marina, fishing village, sales area and no-kill lure fishing tournament bringing together pros and amateurs.

- a Multihull area with a space specially dedicated to catamarans and trimarans for racing and cruising.

The Grand Pavois La Rochelle is today one of the first economic events in the New Aquitaine Region. A place of exchange between the actors of the nautical sector and amateurs favoured by the presence of many ports, the Grand In 46 years, Pavois La Rochelle has become an essential partner of the New Aquitaine Region, of the Charente-Maritime department, the city of La Rochelle and its Communauté́ urban area.

This sector, which is concentrated in Gironde (Bordeaux and Bassin d'Arcachon) and in Charente-Maritime (La Rochelle and Rochefort) has a total of 800 companies, has 6,300 jobs, including 3,400 in Charente-Maritime and 2 900 in Gironde.
With its 460 km of coastline, its 2600 km of courses water, its 56 marinas representing 10,000 rings, its four islands, Charente-Maritime displays its volonté́ to develop and support the nautical sector. In the department, the number of of companies related to the nautical sector is estimated at 400, 3 400 jobs and 500 million euros in turnover.

For this purpose which are from La Rochelle and its Communauté́ urban area, some of which are figures: 310 companies and professionals, 1,500 units released annually from Rochelais sites, 25 architectural firms, offices studies and engineering, 2,000 direct and indirect jobs. At the level of Grand Pavois La Rochelle is one of the Top 5 international boat shows in the world.

On at the national level, the Grand Pavois La Rochelle remains an event a must for many enthusiasts and the first event on the Atlantic coast with regions that are particularly important in the nautical sector (Brittany, Pays de Loire and New Aquitaine) and which alone generate, almost the moitié́ of French sales. For the time being, the organizing committee of the event has not yet communicated on the various guests of this new 2019 edition, nor on the country that will be honored this year.

However, the presence of a stand on Guadeloupe, Marie-Galante and the Rallye des îles du soleil is insured from the entrance to the show, it could therefore be our French overseas departments and territories!

A a way of paying tribute to our different maritime traditions national, and to make the holidays last in the sun at the end of summer! You can make your reservations for the Grand Pavois lounge on the ticket office of the event website and there find the latest news.