La Rochelle Marathon 2019

La Rochelle Marathon 2019


Sunday, November 24, 2019

Welcome to the 29th edition of the La Rochelle-Serge Vigot marathon!

As for each edition, the association, its 63 members, and its 1200 volunteers have mobilized to ensure that the 2019 vintage of this great event is a success again this year.

Participate in the 29th edition of the La Rochelle-Serge Vigot marathon, Sunday, November 24, 2019, is to experience a popular and festive event with nearly 10000 runners. Always the marathon spirit with more than 6000 runners on the “42,195 km”. Whatever his objective, his level or his form, each competitor will be enthusiastic and surprised by his performance course, one of the fastest. The opportunity to beat his personal record.

This year, the starts of the marathon have been fine-tuned with the introduction of a double start in the opposite direction, with the aim of improving the comfort of the athletes. The double start makes it possible to cross the line more quickly and without trampling. The 2 pelotons (2/3 of the runners Quai Louis Durand and 1/3 Quai Maubec) are separated over 610 m of race.

The race takes place on an urban course in eight of 21,1 km to be completed twice. The highlights of the new course will be:

  • New for 2019: Passing through the Old Port, Quai Valin
  • 2 departures near the Old Port, grouping at 610 m
  • Route made in 2 loops
  • Passage through the historic center of La Rochelle
  • Last kms: Allée du Mail, Parcs, rue du Palais (under the arcades), Grosse Horloge, Cours des Dames and arrival next to the 2 Towers

You will find, this year again, in addition to the flagship race of the Marathon, the 10 km, the DUO (a relay race), and the challenge companies which have all experienced a real craze since their launch.

There will still be many participants in the Chauffe Gambettes to make this informal Saturday morning meeting a convivial and united success.

The organization also renewed its involvement in Handisport, with the 19rd edition of the Semi-disabled wheelchair and the 15rd marathon for the blind and partially sighted, including the establishment of an early start for athletes with blindness.

This event also tends to accentuate the commitment in favor of the protection of the planet and to develop innovations labeled “Marathon Propre” throughout the weekend.
Such initiatives are only effective when they are shared and supported by as many people as possible.

The brave and courageous finishers of the Marathon will receive the mythical windbreaker of the event, the medal, the basket of oysters and the rose for the women.

The participants in the other races will also be warmly rewarded, each race being an individual challenge and sometimes also a collective one.

Come and celebrate sport, conviviality and pleasure, in La Rochelle, the last weekend of November 2019, you will be expected there!

This year again, come and spend an unforgettable weekend in La Rochelle on the occasion of the 2019 edition of the La Rochelle-Serge Vigot Marathon!