Where are the oyster cabins on the Ile de Ré?

Where are the oyster cabins on the Ile de Ré?

Ile de Ré oyster huts

Pure product of the Ile de Ré, from the spat to the plate, the oyster from Ré is one of the rare products resulting from the breeding which is completely natural.

Rétaise oyster farming is one of the most recognized crafts in the region. With more than ten oyster farms, Ile de Ré is one of the most exploited sites for oyster farming in Charente Maritime.

There are many oyster huts that are emerging throughout the Rétais landscape, and which, in high season, offer you the privilege of being able to stop there for a gourmet break by letting you be tempted by a tasting and visit the oyster beds.

  • What are the oyster huts on the Ile de Ré for?

These huts have the role of offering visitors oysters ready to be tasted:

After three years of a long process, the oysters have reached maturity, they now have an ideal size for consumption, and have developed iodized flavors, specific to the characteristics of Rétaises oysters.

The sale and tasting of oysters can then take place directly in the oyster huts, and also in many catering establishments on the island and the surrounding area.

The production of Charente Maritime oysters is a very lucrative market: indeed, all French oyster production is concentrated in two major areas, which are the Atlantic coast, as well as a small part in the Mediterranean. Rétaise oyster farming is one of the most coveted productions in France and abroad, which makes it a major factor in the island's economy.

Oyster farming has also become over the years one of the great tourist symbols of Rétais, with a significant impact in terms of visits to oyster production but even more so in terms of the sale of products, not only for private individuals residing in the region. 'Ile de Ré and its surroundings, visitors on holiday on the island, but also for restaurateurs, who know how to highlight this quality product.

  • Where to find the oyster huts on the Ile de Ré?

Oyster huts are located all around the Ile de Ré, it is possible to find them near each village on the island.

Here are some addresses of the best cabins:

– “Les Copains Babord”, at La Flotte

– “The Huite du Saunier Hut”, in Loix

– “Re Ostrea”, in Saint-Martin

– “La Cabane du Féneau”, near Loix

– “The oysters of Trousse-Chemise”, at Portes en Ré

From the hotel (du Grand Large / de La Marée), the closest huts and productions are “Huitre et ma Ré” in Rivedoux, and “La Cabane Océane” after La Flotte.

So, when is your next visit?

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