How much is the toll for the bridge on the island of Reunion?

How much is the toll for the bridge on the island of Reunion?


Toll rates of the Pont de l'Île de Ré Bridge

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Don't forget to inquire about the toll rates for the Pont de the Île de Ré upstream in order to circulate easily.

From 1988, date of the bridge's inauguration, it is now easy to get to the Île de Ré.

Almost 3 kmlong and about 42 metres high, this The latter allows a more fluid flow than before to connect the continent. It It is also the 2nd the longest bridge in France, behind that of Saint Nazaire.

Indeed, before the bridge, the crossing from the mainland to the Island was done by boat. It was often hours before to be able to arrive on the Island because of the density of the flows wishing to get there. Find all sound history by clicking here.

The toll was introduced as soon as the bridge was inaugurated for regulate vehicle traffic.

An eco-tax has therefore been introduced at the entrance to the bridge, allowing a contribution to the protection of spaces naturals of the Island of Re called "CAP RE" spread over the 10 communes, as well as bridge maintenance and development. of public transport, financed by the departmental council.

Preferential rates are applied for employees, and free of charge is applied for island residents. It is also Year-round subscriptions are available.

There are various rates depending on the category of vehicles wishing to cross the Ile de Ré bridge, divided into "Class 1" and "Class 2".

Please note that from about June 20 to September 11, the bridge rate is increasing as we enter the "high season" period, where the influx of of visitors and passageways are significantly increased. In winter, the price for a car is 8.00 euros for the entry. on the Ile de Ré and passes in Summer at 16.00euros.

Pedestrian access and bike is free with one side one with a pedestrian bridge and the other with a bicycle path.

Consult the rates directly on the Pont de l'Île de Ré website. The department of Charente-Maritime also puts at site layout internet on which you can find various useful information concerning the work in progress or operation of the bridge subscriptions.

Feel free to take a look at the real time traffic on the bridge. thanks to the webcams present on the Island of Ré in order to anticipate your movements according to the schedules and to the influx of traffic.

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