Tides on the Ile de Ré

Tides on the Ile de Ré


Tides on the Ile de Ré

       During your stay in your hotel in theIle de Ré, choose the Hôtel de La Marée or the Hôtel du Grand Large, thanks to which you will discover a landscape punctuated by the life of the ocean.

        THEGrand Large Hotel enjoys a wide panorama on a large white sandbank allowing the admiration of the various tides during the day.

            Indeed, typical of our Atlantic coast, you will observe high and low tide throughout the day with an interval of about 12 hours between each phenomenon. This has been done according to the gravitation of the Moon and the Sun for millennia. The Ile de Ré being bordered on its entire circumference, with the Atlantic Ocean on each side, the tides are present daily and cover the foreshore at different heights and different times.

            You can consult the tide schedule on the internet or directly at the reception of each hotel on the Île de Ré where we inform you daily.

High tide

             This is when the ocean is at its programmed maximum height according to the schedules. This happens 1 to 2 times in 24 hours, depending on the schedules.

Excellent time to enjoy the beach, swimming and water activities in the clear waters of our beautiful Île de Ré. 

            Our beautiful island has many beautiful beaches, note those of Bois Plage en Ré ideal for families with long banks of white sand, and those of the North of the Island (Saint Clement of the Whaleset The Doors in D), with a wilder landscape. The closest of our two hotels in La Marée and Grand Large is that of Sablanceaux.

Note that the high tidestake place on certain dates and periods and vary each year.

Low tide

            Savor this moment of calm and voluptuousness offered by the foreshore once the ocean has withdrawn for a few hours. It is conducive to fishing on foot as well as the discovery of oyster farming.

            As for fishing on foot, remember to equip yourself well with the dedicated hardware and never go barefoot (regardless of the seasons) The essentials are waterproof boots or shoes, a bucket and a landing net.

            It is also important to fully understand and respect some basic rules and tips for fishing on foot in order to protect the environment and the ecosystem.

Warning ! However, it is important to carefully check the time at which the tide is rising as well as the time passing during your fishing in order to avoid any danger and to be trapped by the ocean!

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